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Early 40s gay guy trying to make some changes in his life. Work in field of public transit as a project manager. Do some creative stuff too.

Time to stop taking it also personally!

I think most people with addiction problems are very sensitive; we can’t really deal with the world so we need to medicate our interface with it. And that’s okay it does work for a while until there are consequences and … Continue reading

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Testing 123!

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New Attitude and “Horror” Movies

I’m back, still alive after a busy, crazy week. Things seems to falling into place bit by bit. During my adventures I met this cool girl, with a bit of a sad past and I sensed we were kindred – … Continue reading

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Beautiful Sunset after Rain

Took this on way home from meeting yesterday. It was after torrential rain, which may be a sign from the guy upstairs lol.

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Not Dead

Somehow a dozen days managed to go by. I can’t say I was entirely sober in this period but my drinking has taken on a highly functioning aspect which feeds my delusions about how bad it actually is for me. … Continue reading

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Going to bed

Another long day. Still sober! More tomorrow.

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Longest Day Ever…

 I’m feeling grateful.  Though I am very tired.  Work was crazy, meetings, traffic and some one on one time with the big boss even though I felt about as articulate as a dead slug.  There was even a flood (no … Continue reading

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