Sunday Morning

It is Sunday morning. I slept ok surprisingly, but am still feeling a bit shaky. I’ve read it takes about a month for the physical effects of alcohol to go away. That seems like an eternity, but I feel a lot better than yesterday. I’m at Starbucks as I didn’t feel like being alone. I really shouldn’t spent my weekends here where I don’t know anyone. I need to reconnect with friends in TO who see to be doing a much better job of sobriety than me. That influence can’t hurt.

I found a meeting for this evening. There’s a church on King St up towards Waterloo that seems to have a meeting every night. I have some work meetings in Mississauga tomorrow so maybe Ill check out a meeting in Toronto after.

Just got to do things a moment at a time. I only need to get through each day. I feel oddly numb right now. Things can only get better however. I need to remember that. I also need to call my sponsor, who is such a nice guy but I haven’t called him since coming here. I wish I wasn’t so afraid of people. Anyway, going to go see if I can find a barber shop open on a Sunday now.


About Tom Seeks Equanimity

Early 40s gay guy trying to make some changes in his life. Work in field of public transit as a project manager. Do some creative stuff too.
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2 Responses to Sunday Morning

  1. Hi Tom! He’s in England I believe. Would love to see you anytime! Off today. Call me if you like.

  2. elena says:

    hi tom. this is elena. south of you by a fairly long way. i’m a painter and a sculptor. i’d read ‘blogging myself sober’. it appealed to me to investigate ‘team 100’, which i promptly signed on for. then i had a little trek, traipsing through the may as it were, through the various blogs associated w the author of that article. i can’t tell you how good it felt when i got an email back after sending a note to team 100. anyway, to get to the point: somewhere i came across someone’s post that said, send an email to someone whose blog post you liked. (ie, start a sober pen pal ship)
    since you don’t have your email listed, you can send one to me. and i can send one back. 🙂 and so it goes.
    ps if you haven’t come across it, i highly highly strongly and emphatically suggest getting you a copy of ‘The Artists’ Way’ by Julia Cameron. matterafact, here’s a link

    “only two dollah an t’irty fo’ cen’, used”

    go on ahead, read the reviews.

    an’ a couple other things, one i just saw today and cried my eyes out during (drugs don’t figure into my story, and in fact they aren’t part of this movie anyway, but learning to love myself surely is.)

    if any of the above things help your perspective (or even just the fact that a total unknown has entered your blogosphere) you will realize that starting over is a goooooooooood thing.

    namaste’. 🙂

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